Solar (Photovoltaics)

ImacuTech, LLC is one of the solar industry's top solar installation companies for both the residential and commercial sectors. Two of ImacuTech's founding members are certified installers by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), and on the approved contractors list with the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program.

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An Installation Above the Rest
At ImacuTech, we pride ourselves in the quality of our solar installations. We take great care to make sure that not only are the systems correctly installed, but that they operate at peak efficiency.

Ground Mount or Roof Mount?
Solar arrays can be installed on both the roof and ground. If you own a home or commercial property that has a good south facing roof position or if your property lends itself to a ground mount system, ImacuTech can show you how to offset your electric costs successfully, while achieving the most current state rebates and federal tax credits.