About Us

ImacuTech was conceived to provide customers with Best in Class products and service in the HVAC business. ImacuTech was created by forward thinking, experienced, individuals who have over 60 years experience combined in the HVAC business. With a clear-cut business model and a common sense approach, the goal of ImacuTech is to provide residential and commercial customers, smart, affordable, solutions with a 100% customer service satisfaction rating. Our user-friendly personnel and affiliated business partners alike are environmentally conscious and are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for all who inhabit the earth. Making a difference one customer at a time has become our mantra. As team players within ImacuTech, we feel it is our duty to show an exemplary performance the first take and expect standing ovations from our customers. It is a "measure twice, cut once" mentality that allows us to outshine our competition. A strong focus on customer communication and a consistent record on task-follow-through, make it easy for our clients to trust in our ability to perform.

Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, ImacuTech is endowed with 34 years of experience in residential and commercial ductwork design and installation. In addition to our HVAC services, ImacuTech has extensive experience in solar design. With the most recent upgrades in solar technology, ImacuTech carries all solar photovoltaic and solar thermal certificates required by the states of Pennsylvania and New Jeresy.

The Next Generation of Mechanical Contractors

Design and Certifications are held by both Bill Winder and Chris Vinal, founding members of ImacuTech, LLC. Chris Vinal is listed as a certified installer in the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program for both Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal installations. Chris Vinal is accredited with the LEED, AP status and is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University's Smeal School of Business. Chris brings 14 years experience of in-field mechanical HVAC installations as well as 14 years of marketing and business development.

Bill Winder, an ImacuTech family member, has an incredible talent for knowing what the customer wants, and at the same time, knowing what the customer needs. Bill is a graduate of CHI Institute in Philadelphia. Bill owned and operated a successful HVAC business for 15 years before becoming a founder of ImacuTech, LLC. Bill's reputation in the industry is impeccable and can only be compared to the top skilled tradesmen of our time.

ImacuTech's geothermal and solar products/services are complimented with an education and certification in state-of-the-art residential wind turbines. Both founding members are accredited HelixWind, Inc. Installers for the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and New York.

ImacuTech, LLC is pleased to provide high level mechanical services to the Philadelphia tri-state area. We look forward to working with quality residential and commercial customers. We promise the right product for the right application, a clean, quality installation, with a reliable service to match.

"Make the workmanship surpass the materials."
~ Ovid (Roman Poet. 43BC - 17AD


  1. LEED AP
  2. Lochinvar Certified Servicing Agent
  3. IREC Accredited
  4. IGSHPA Certified
  5. Helix Wind Certified